Tropicanna® Canna


This is the most striking of all cannas, thanks to their exotic foliage, and Tropicanna® flowers are equally gorgeous.


Suggested Uses

  • As a “thriller” in large or small containers
  • Planted in large groups to mask a view or create height to a landscape
  • To add texture and color in garden beds
  • Great in water features and ponds
  • Interplanted with other tropical plants in a variety of textures and sizes


Planting Information

  • Spacing: plant 18-24 inches(45-60cm) apart for garden border; can be planted closer together in containers.
  • Mature size: in garden beds: grows to 4 feet tall (1.2m) in the first year, grows up to 6 feet tall (1.8m) in subsequent years in zones 7 and above if undisturbed (not lifted) after growing season. In containers: will grow 3-4 feet tall (1-1.2cm) – depending on variety, can be cut back any time to force new growth.
  • Container Plants: Plant in a large pot, at least 18-24 inches diameter (45-60cm) to avoid overcrowding.
  • Hardiness: USDA Zones 7-11; otherwise dig and store over winter in 50-60° temps. Tropicannas will start to grow when soil temperatures exceed 50ºF (15°C) in spring, but leaves won’t attain full color until temperatures regularly exceed 60ºF (20-25°C).
  • Light needs: performs best in full sun; minimum of 4 hours day
  • Soil requirements: will tolerate a range of soils but performs best in deep fertile soil.  Will tolerate poorly drained areas
  • Water needs: requires frequent watering to perform at its best
  • Disease tolerance: no major disease susceptibility
  • Flowering Period: June through September in most areas of US; November – March in AU/NZ
  • Maintenance: minimum care; spent flowers will drop naturally. Dig and divide to maintain size and shape.  In Zones 7-11, cut back to 4 inches (10cm) in late autumn.
  • Special care: Avoid windy locations as the large soft leaves can be damaged.


Key Features

  • Bold, colorful foliage brings a tropical touch to any garden or landscape
  • Exotic display of large multi-hued striped leaves
  • Brilliant flowers (colors vary per variety)
  • Excellent in bogs and soggy areas
  • Low maintenance – spent flowers drop naturally.


Landcaping Ideas With Tropicanna® cannas:


Varieties Available

  • Tropicanna original variety (multi-hued tropical foliage; deep orange-red blossoms)
  • Tropicanna Gold (gold and green striped foliage; blossoms are brilliant orange bordered in warm yellow)
  • Tropicanna Black (dark burgundy/purple foliage; bright scarlet-orange blossoms)

Download a print-friendly plant fact sheet PDF here: Tropicanna® Canna 4.6MB
Download a print-friendly plant photo gallery PDF here: Tropicanna® Canna 6.3MB

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