Trend-Setting Décor Colors for 2017


Here Tropicanna is planted with sedum Autumn Joy and a soft pink Muhly grass,incorporating many of this year’s Pantone 2017 trendy color picks into a single landscape.

Each year at the beginning of Fall Fashion Week, the global color authority of the design industry, Pantone Color Institute, unveils their color palette trends and choices for the upcoming spring.   These colors are the trending colors for fashion and home décor.  Howver, for your discerning, fashion-conscious customers, they can also be used as part of their garden décor, especially because they were, in part, inspired by our natural surroundings.

This years’ palette of colors are definitely inspired by nature – from the fertile Kale green and cheery Primrose Yellow to the aquatic tones of Island Paradise and Niagara. These trending colors can easily be added to any landscape, garden or patio or even rooftop planting.  Of course, it’s easy to find a variety greens throughout our landscape, but what plants can bring the other evocative colors to our garden décor? And how do we use it in our landscapes to their fullest?  Here are just a few ideas you can share with your clients.


Sweet Spot ‘Calypos’ offers a range of ever-changing colors! This Decorator Rose™ is ideal for incorporating many of this year’s colors into your décor.

Limited on space?  With it’s brilliant multi-colored blossoms, Sweet Spot™ Rose Calypso brings Pantone’s Flame, Pink Yarrow, Pale Dogwood and Primrose Yellow together in one magnificent plant. Small enough to work nicely in deck containers, the multi-hued Sweet Spot Decorator Rose™ Calypso colors really pop when planted in a Lapis Blue container.   This new “Decorator Rose™” series of plants includes several other color combinations as well.  Each contain a contrasting “spot” in the center of each blossom. As blossoms age, their colors continue to change and soften.


Tropicanna in mixed container. Photo by Todd Holloway

With it’s colorful foliage and bright blossoms, Tropicanna canna works well on its own but can also be mixed with a variety of other Pantone 2017 color picks, including Primrose Yellow, Flame and Kale.

bonfire-begonia-cu-copyIf your clients like bright colors, Tropicanna canna certainly fits the bill with its multi-striped orange and green foliage and bright red-orange blossoms. Whether planted in rooftop garden containers,simple garden beds or in a larger border, Tropicanna brings an exotic touch to any space. Inter-plant Tropicanna with bright red-orange sun-tolerant Bonfire® begonia (left) and you’ll really have a sizzling combination.

fire retardent plants

With their variegated leaves and bright blue blossom, Thunder Storm™ agapanthus work nicely along a walkway or as a low-growing border.

Looking for something a little more subtle for those not-so-bold clients?  New Thunder Storm™ agapanthus’ variegated soft Kale green and white foliage serve as the perfect complementary background to its intense Lapis Blue blossoms. Planted along a walkway or as a border plant, easy-care Thunder Storm adds texture and color to any setting.  And remember, agapanthus are ideal as fire-retardant plants.

fairy-magnolia-blush-copyAnd finally, Pantone describes its Pale Dogwood as “a quiet and peaceful pink shade that engenders an aura of innocence and purity. The unobtrusive Pale Dogwood is a subtle pink whose soft touch infuses a healthy glow.”  If your clients enjoy soft colors and fragrant plants, plant a Fairy Magnolia near a porch or open window, or install a larger number as a low-growing, early-flower hedge. Growing to only 5-7 feet wide and 9-12 feet high, this sweet little shrub has lovely Hazelnut buds that open to a fragrant soft pink petals each spring. It’s ideal as a specimen plant in small gardens and containers, espaliered or as a hedge in larger landscapes. Regardless of how you use it, this free-flowering beauty is sure to add a peaceful touch to any space.


Early blooming Fairy Magnolia ‘Blush’ adds fragrance and grace to any landscape.





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