easy care roses

Flower Carpets glossy leaves look great all season long.

From Martha Swiss, Garden Designer and Writer with Pittsburgh Botanic Garden:

The Flower Carpet roses were in full flower a couple weeks ago, during the hottest and driest part of the summer, with very little attention from me. And the foliage is glossy and green. These are terrific roses. I’m happy to endorse them and spec them in designs.



From Lorraine Ballato, Writer, Speaker, frequent contributor to Connecticut Gardener magazine and advanced master gardener:

 I must tell you that I get a lot of trial and sample plants, especially roses. Flower Carpets, by far  perform way better than any of them on all counts. The Flower Carpet Pink Supremes are great!! Filled out nicely and blooming as they get settled in their new home. The Flower Carpet Amber is superb. The color is magnificent, the foliage is clean and it blooms non stop in less than full sun.

From Genevieve Schmidt, Landscape Designer and blogger for North Coast Gardening in Arcata, CA:

“I have been growing Flower Carpet roses successfully at a number of jobs including windy sites and sites that get little water. I have successfully used Flower Carpet Amber rose as well as the Pink Supreme and Appleblossom varieties.”


“Amber is a stunning new addition to the sturdy Flower Carpet line of groundcover roses. I’ve been growing other colors for years, and they’ve proven strong enough to take windy seacoast conditions, abuse in commercial landscapes, and neglectful watering from busy homeowners … I love them.”

“Landscape roses, like Pink Flower Carpet roses (Rosa x ‘Noatraum’, zone 5), bloom effortlessly from June through frost.”

From Connie Pillsbury article in San Luis Obispo Telegram Tribune regarding the Heely Garden in Paso Robles:

“Throughout the entire landscaped yard, landscape gardener Fred Garcia used plants that he could count on that are drought-tolerant and disease resistant. These include the ‘Flower Carpet Red’ rose, the breath of heaven (coleonema pulchrum, ‘Sunset Gold,) gaura, daylilies, agapanthus, crepe myrtle, sedum, and fescue.”

“Iceberg and Flower Carpet roses owe their popularity, in large part, to their ability to flower for months on end without deadheading of spent flowers.”
Garden writer Joshua Siskin, Daily News Los Angeles

Maureen Gilmore in Nevada City, CA listed Flower Carpet as 1 of the top heat-resistant shrubs for driveways in Tips for Landscaping a Driveway in Landscaping Network’s website.

JMS Design Associates, Encino

“MY TOP TIP: I like using Flower Carpet roses en masse in border beds due to their reliable, long-flowering habit,”

From Carol Lang, gardener and writer for the Albert Lea Tribune, in Minnesota:

easy care roses

Flower Carpet Amber taken by journalist gardener Carol Lang in Minnesota

I am pleased to tell you the ‘Amber’ Flower Carpet roses have performed beautifully with many successive blooms.  Our summer had very unusual weather with a very wet spring, a mixed hot and dry summer and then also a very wet summer with lots of rain after the dry spell, yet I had no pest problems, no mildew or blackspot.







Tesselaar Plants has home gardeners across the country testing our plants over an 8-10 year period. They’re asked to treat their Tesselaar plants as they would any plant in their garden – no better and no worse. Here are just a few comments from some of those testers:

landscape roses

Flower Carpet Pink Supreme and Scarlet are still blooming after a hot, dry summer in Citrus Heights, CA

“My Flower Carpets do well year after year. No pests and no diseases – the perfect landscape plant!”

Regan Jones, Citrus Heights, CA (northern CA)

“My Flower Carpet roses have bloomed better and are bushier than other roses that I’m growing. They have performed better all around and been less stressed by the drought. The Pink Supreme, Scarlet, and Amber have performed much better overall than any of the other roses I have in my garden. Because of back problems I have this summer I was not as up on watering and fertilizing as I usually am. The Flower Carpet roses didn’t seem to be bothered by this and continued to bloom well. I love the color and it doesn’t seem to be bothered by heat and drought.”

Pam Word, Gilmer, TX

“My Flower Carpets are all doing fine. Our winter was very harsh and lots of snow for our area. I did lose some cone flowers and Shasta daisies. The Carpet roses thrived through it though. They’re blooming and are beautiful and covered with buds and blooms – more profusely than ever.”

Linn Schlinger, Richmond, VA

“We had a fairly long really cold snap in Oregon this winter.  Many plants were damaged by it but I think mainly because people are planting Zone 8 plants – or at least Zones too high for their microclimates. Some of my Flower Carpet roses are blooming already. I like these roses because they are very drought tolerant and spring back quickly from deer browse.”

Catie Anderson, McMinnville, OR

“My Scarlet Flower Carpet roses – have 4 of them at this time – are all doing great. All in all are summer has been hot, which is normal, but we have had lots of rain and humidity which is not the norm.  None of my Tesselaar plants have had any problems this growing season. I am very happy with the plants and look forward to have them in my gardens for a long time to come.  Would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Sheryl Rosenberg, Camp Verde, AZ


landscape roses

“My Flower Carpet roses all did magnificently. My Amber bloomed earlier than the others but kept on coming back and are still blooming (in November). Once the Scarlet and Pink started, wow, it’s been a show. You just cannot beat them. They are truly a rose bush that you can count on!”

Kathy Skarr, Milwaukee, WI

“My Tropicanna cannas are just doing great. Good foliage and beautiful flowers. Still get questions from people passing by wanting to know what they are. Huge blooms and wonderful leaf color! I have had to cut back the Flower Carpet rose three times this year. I just love them because they are self sustaining. Just water and fertilize and away they go.  Not like my other roses. Weather was very hot, dry and had to water forever. My water bills can prove it.”

William Sahr (aka The Rose Man), Oak Lawn, IL

“My Flower Carpet roses were great again this year.  Everyone asks me what kind they are because there has not been a day all summer that there were not a few blooms on them.  I have the Pink Supreme, the Scarlet and the Amber.  Even though we had temps of 113 degrees for several days, and no rain, all I did was water them very well once a week, and they performed beautifully – even better than other supposedly ‘easy care’ roses.”

Carrie Glenn, Howe, OK

“My ‘next generation’ Flower Carpet are all doing well. Overall, they are about 4×4 or bigger and blooming non-stop. The Tropicanna cannas did exceptionally well.  The Tropicanna Black were over 6 feet tall!  The others didn’t get as much sun but still did well. We love the color contrast and the blooms are just magnificent!”
Carmel Booth, Atlanta, GA

landscape roses

“I had no diseases on the Flower Carpet  roses…..although the Champlain Rose shrubs I have did had trouble with all the  rain and wet conditions with signs of disease  and loss of leaves….not the Flower Carpet. They did considerably better.”

Lori Dolan, Lucan, MN



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