Sweet Spot® Roses

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These new Sweet Spot® roses are part of the new The Decorator Rose® category.  They are a distinct group of roses that are compact in shape and size, and are so very free flowering that we have not seen them without flowers in our trial gardens from spring till fall.

Suggested Uses

  • To add interest to deck and patio containers – can be planted alone or as “fillers”
  • Garden beds and borders


Planting Information

  • Growth habit: Compact shrub – approximately 20 inches wide x 20-24 inches high, depending on variety
  • Light requirements:  Prefer a full to partial sun for best color
  • Spacing: Plant 20-24 inches apart.
  • Water requirements:  Water in well, particularly during hot conditions and continue to water regularly until the plant is established. Roses are best watered at ground level.
  • Soil requirements: Can thrive in a variety of soil conditions other than soggyy soil. Performs best in well-drained friable garden soil with added organic matter
  • Hardiness:  Hardy to USDA Zone 5 and most Sunset Climate Zones.  In cold climates protect with extra mulch over 1st winter; in high heat areas, plant in semi-shade
  • Flowering period:  Long and nearly continual flowering (mid spring to early fall)
  • Flower color:  each Sweet Spot variety contains a contrasting spot in the center.
  • Flower Size:  2 -3 inches in diameter
  • Foliage: Dark green leaves, young shoots are red
  • Maintenance: As with most roses, a little extra care is required for best results.  A rose-care spray on a regular basis ensures maximum flowering, growth and enjoyment and minimizes the risk of traditional rose problems. Because of the continual flowering,  a handful of slow release fertilizer with trace elements ensures great flowering in spring and again in summer is ideal.


Key Features

  • Distinctive blossoms highlighted with a deeper colored center
  • Compact shrub, lush green foliage and lots of blooms
  • Ideal rose for decorating patios, decks and gardens


Colors Available

Sweet Spot Calypso
Sweet Spot Peach
Sweet Spot Ruby
Sweet Spot Yellow

Download a print-friendly plant photo and fact sheet PDF here: Sweet Spot® Roses 3.9MB




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