Storm™ Agapanthus

Storm Agapanthus in a landscape

Storm are compact and quick growing. They’re also one of the most prolific flowering of all agapanthus.  A 5-year-old plant can produce up to 100 stems, each covered with masses of flowers!

Suggested Uses

  • Mass plantings in commercial landscapes
  • Container plantings
  • Perennial beds and borders
  • Fire-retardant borders
  • For use in cut flower bouquets


Planting Information

  • Spacing:  plant 2 feet apart (60cm) for garden border
  • Mature size: 20 inches wide (50cm) by 30 inches high (75cm),  including flowers
  • Hardiness: USDA Zone 8-11
  • Light needs:  full sun
  • Soil requirements: will tolerate a range of soils, from sand to clay
  • Water needs: water well to establish. Once established in the landscape, agapanthus are tolerant of both wet and dry conditions and have proved to be an ideal landscape plant for drier warm or tropical areas.
  • Disease tolerance: no major disease susceptibility.
  • Maintenance: initially, better performance will be attained if plants are watered and fed regularly, but once established, Storm will flower readily with minimal care. Remove dead stems after flowering if desired. In colder zones, either winter protect, dig and store, or store potted plants ‘as is’ in a frost-free location.


Key Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Foliage is attractive even when plants aren’t in bloom
  • Good plant for dry, sub-tropical areas.
  • Thick, moisture-retentive foliage makes agapanthus effective in fire-retardant borders.
  • Compact in size and uniform in height
  • Blooms up to 40% longer than most other agapanthus varieties
  • Once established, Storm agapanthus tolerate both wet and dry conditions
  • Mass of color (25 or more blooms on a 3-year-old plant)


Colors Available

Download a print-friendly plant fact sheet PDF here: Storm™ Agapanthus 3MB
Download a print-friendly plant photo gallery PDF here: Storm™ Agapanthus 7MB

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