Slippery Slope Landscaping

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Slopes can be a challenge to landscape, especially if their alongside a road or in a prominent, high profile location.

The challenge: This site is high profile, right on the road (in Northport, Maine), but it’s also problematic being extremely steep and windy. The 45° angle was too dangerous to mow. We knew we needed to make a change: dig out the grass and put in something good-looking that’s also easy to take care of.

The solution: We planted 38 Flower Carpet Pink Supreme in a bed 72 feet long by 7 feet deep. The end result is so gorgeous – people driving by stop their cars: “What IS this — Where can I get it?” Our Flower Carpets Pink Supremes are totally easy – I don’t do anything for them except mulch. Nothing. And they don’t seem to need anything. I do nothing. And they bloom and bloom, early summer till hard frost. They’re still blooming past Thanksgiving into December. This is zone 5b remember. It takes a hard frost to stop them.

Bugs don’t like them either. We have a real problem with Japanese beetles here. My other roses will be covered with Japanese beetles but none go to the Flower Carpets (well, maybe a few but they look lost).

Flower Carpet landscape roses

Even during a hot dry summer, the Flower Carpet Pink Supremes continue to bloom non-stop all summer long.

Flower Carpets are impervious to salt in both environments – salt air from the ocean or as road salt used on snow-covered roads.


landscaping a slope

Hillside installation of Flower Carpet Appleblossom and Flower Carpet Pink in Melbourne, Australia

The problem here was quite obvious – not an area that would be easy to mow or even maintain unless it was covered with a fast-growing, easy care plant.

The solution: the homeowner selected mixed varieties of Flower Carpet roses to cover this steep hillside and they’re now fully covering the slope, protecting it from erosion.


Bonus: Easy-care Flower Carpet roses only need to be cut back once a year with hedge clippers or electric trimmers, making them ideal for this difficult landscape situation.

erosion control with Flower Carpet roses

Now in their 3rd year (right side), Flower Carpet roses almost completely cover this slope with non-stop blooms from early spring to late autumn.


The challenge:  The landscape firm designing the entrance to Melbourne International Airport was looking for a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plant that would still add plenty of color on the steep slopes adjacent to the airport.

Flower Carpet Pink on slope


The solution:  Over 340 Flower Carpet Pink roses were planted at the entrance to the airport, greeting travelers with non-stop color for months on end.

easy care landscape roses

Flower Carpet Pink Roses greet travelers coming in and out of the Melbourne Australia airport





Download this case study as a print-friendly PDF file here: download (8.2MB)


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