Commercial Landscaping With Oversized Planters

Commercial Landscape Solution
Commercial Landscape Solution


Even homes and buildings with a limited amount of outdoor space can add impact by using large containers of well-selected plants.

Start by choosing a variety of sculptural plants with strong shapes to draw attention and use the classic “thriller, spiller, filler formula in selecting plants for maximum impact. Tropicanna as the thrillerFor instance, these entry-way containers, designed by Todd Holloway, have a nice mix of each, with Tropicanna cannas and lower growing colcasia (Elephant Ears) featured as the “thrillers”, coleus and plectranthus as “filler” and ipomeoa and calibrachoa as “spillers”.

If the watering source isn’t close by, choose plants that aren’t as needy. Succulents need very little care or water, and the same can be said of some tropical plants like mandevilla, cannas like the colorful Tropicanna and cordlyines like Festival.

If you’re limited on space, time and resources, you can fill large containers with only one or two plant and still achieve big impact if you pick the right plants. For instance, Flower Carpet roses, particularly Coral, Red, Yellow and Appleblossom work well in containers, flowering for months on end while gently flowing over the pot edges. Similarly, with their strappy deep-colored foliage, Festival Burgundy and Raspberry cordylines are stunning all on their own.


Flower Carpet Scarlet in oversized containers – simple and easy!


Containers filled with Festival cordlylines stand out in any setting but are easy to maintain.

Containers filled with Festival cordlylines stand out in any setting but are easy to maintain.


Have you used Tropicanna cannas, Flower Carpet roses or Festival cordylines in large containers? We love seeing how people use roses in their landscape projects. Share your landscaping photos with us on our Your Easy Garden Facebook page!


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