Poolside Landscaping Ideas With Roses


Selecting plants for poolside installations can be a challenge. From a practical standpoint, you want plants that are easy-care and won’t end up filling your pool with pollen, leaves or other plant litter.

Depending on your local zoning laws, you may be required to have a fence around your pool. If that’s the case and you end up with an unattractive chain-link fence, you’ll want to find ways to soften the look. Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina) makes a good screen to hide fences, as does Tropicanna canna.

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Boxwoods, Buddleia, Coprosma ‘Pacific Sunset’ and Golden Euonymus are good low-litter shrub options, but if you’re looking for lush long-lasting color, Flower Carpet roses work nicely, blooming from late spring through late fall or even longer, depending on your location.

Flower Carpet roses are hardy in Zones 4-11 and come in a variety of colors. Best of all, they’re easy care, requiring no chemicals or harsh sprays to keep them thriving all summer long (and extra bonus for anyone sitting around the pool!).

The owners of this home particularly liked the idea of having Flower Carpet Pink roses as a barrier around the pool while still providing non-stop color and interest.

Have you used Flower Carpet roses as a border around your pool? We love seeing how people use roses in their landscape projects. Share your Flower Carpet rose landscaping photos with us on our Your Easy Garden Facebook page!


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