Jury Magnolias


Bred by the renowned plant breeder Mark Jury in New Zealand, the size, shape and uniformity of color make these Magnolias unrivaled.  He was recognized by the International Magnolia Society in 2003 for his breeding by being awarded the prestigious D. Todd Gresham Award.

Suggested uses

  • Landscape plantings
  • Courtyards and driveway plants
  • Garden beds


Planting Information

  • Spacing:  plant 4.5 to 11.5 ft apart depending on variety (listed below)
  • Mature size: Each variety listed below has specific growth habits – from columnar to rounded bush shapes.  See details under “Varieties Available” below for specific size information.
  • Hardiness: USDA Zone 5-11
  • Light needs:  full sun
  • Soil requirements: performs well in a range of soil types, but prefers well-drained soil containing organic matter.
  • Water needs: average water requirements for medium to large tree
  • Disease tolerance: no major disease susceptibility.
  • Maintenance: pruning is unnecessary, however, crossed or competing branches can be removed while the plant is young to improve its shape.


Key features

  • Quick to flower – flowers within the first few seasons
  • Pruning is generally not necessary, except for early training of the plant
  • Each variety listed below has specific growth habits – from columnar to rounded bush shapes to meet a range of garden and landscape needs.


Varieties Available

Black Tulip (deep purple goblet shaped 6” blooms, upright smaller growth habit; 4.5 ft wide X 11.5 ft high)
Burgundy Star (claret red star-shaped blooms, upright columnar growth habit; 3.5 ft wide X 11.5 ft high)
Felix (hot pink flowers that are up to 12” in diameter, upright pyramidal shape; 11.5 ft wide X 16. ft high)
Honey Tulip (golden-honey colored blossoms, compact narrow growth habit; 8 ft wide X 12 ft high)


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