Flower Carpet® Roses


Flower Carpet® roses – also often referred to as The Carpet Rose® – are the world’s #1 ground cover rose.   Once established they can provide up to 2,000 flowers from spring till fall. They’re low maintenance and have exceptional disease resistance with great drought tolerance. They were the original “eco rose” requiring no chemicals for maximum performance.

Suggested Uses

  • Roadside plantings
  • Around pools as an easy-care barrier
  • Median strips
  • In beds, borders and large containers
  • Any where a low-maintenance, high-performance plant is needed

Landscaping Ideas with Flower Carpet roses:

Planting Information

  • Spacing: plant 2-3 per square yard/metre for ground cover; plant 3-4 feet (80 cm) apart to establish borders/boundaries.
  • Mature size: 24-36 inches high (60-80 cm), 36-40 inches (100cm) across depending on variety (for details on each variety, please visit the links below under “Colors Available”)
  • Hardiness: Most varieties hardy in USDA Zones 4-11; a few varieties are limited to Zones 5-10
  • Light needs:  4-5 hours of sun a day for optimal blooms; will tolerate less but with reduced blooms
  • Soil requirements: performs well in a range of soil types, but prefers well-drained soil containing organic matter.
  • Water needs: water in well particularly during hot conditions and continue to water regularly until the plant is established. Flower Carpet roses are very tolerant of dry conditions once established.
  • Disease tolerance: very resistant to common rose blights such as black spot and mildew. It does not require routine chemical spraying and dusting; apply only if needed.
  • Maintenance: to invigorate blooming once plants are established, cut canes back by 2/3 annually with manual or electric clipper  in late winter or early spring. No difficult pruning required.
  • Special Care: in Zones 5 and below winter protection with mulch is advised, especially in first winter.
  • Planting time:  can be planted any time in spring, summer and early fall.


Key Features

  • Glossy deep green foliage looks lovely even before the plants begin to bloom
  • Masses of blooms all season long – up to 2,000 on one plant, blooming for months at a time.
  • Winner of over 25 international awards for disease resistance
  • Self-cleaning – dead blossoms drop to ground
  • Not affected or damaged by road salt
  • Extremely drought tolerant once established
  • Deal well with reflected heat from road sides, stone walls, intersections, etc.
  • “Next Generation” Flower Carpet Amber, Scarlet and Pink Supreme all have additional refined breeding for even greater heat and humidity tolerance.
  • Available in a 10 colors


Colors Available

Download a print-friendly plant fact sheet PDF here: Flower Carpet® Roses 2MB
Download a print-friendly plant photo gallery PDF here: Flower Carpet® Roses 7MB



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