Flower Carpet Coral to the Rescue

When landscape professional Tyler Dance and his boss, George Procida, owner of GP Landscape, Inc. had complaints from the residents in an Rocklin, CA area about how bad a hillside looked, they knew they had to find a solution.

planting Flower Carpets on hills

Flower Carpet Coral was the perfect solution for this problem hillside

Tyler tells us: “This Rocklin hillside had been a trouble spot for the city.  The plantings that had originally been installed were not performing well on the slope due to poor soil conditions, extreme heat, and inefficient irrigation. We removed all of the old plantings, pit amended the soil around each new plant, installed new sub-surface irrigation, and planted the Flower Carpet Coral Roses.  They have performed great in  the tough slope conditions with minimal maintenance required.”

easy care Flower Carpet roses

Flower Carpet Coral’s colors stay bright and cheery even in high heat.

He further explains: “Flower Carpet Coral Roses were selected due to their ease of maintenance, prolonged bloom times, and water savings. The Rocklin Highlands corners were originally turf grass, but with the extreme drought conditions we had in California the city was looking to cut water usage, but also add more dynamic and colorful landscaping.  The grass was removed, soil amended, sub-surface irrigation set up, and plantings installed.

As an extra bonus, the city estimated a 50% reduction in water usage in that area, and has received a tremendous amount of compliments because of the new colorful corners.

landscape installation of Flower Carpet roses

Travelers through Rocklin CA enjoy Flower Carpet Coral’s brilliant colors and glossy green leaves

They’ve continued to plant Flower Carpets throughout the city of Rocklin and adjacent Rocklin Highlands.

Flower Carpet Rose in landscape installalation

Flower Carpet Coral, agapanthus and daylilies make a perfect low-maintenance combination at the entrance to Rocklin Highlands


low maintenance roses

Mixed varieties of Flower Carpet roses planted at the entrance to the Rocklin Crossings mall.

If you’re interested in learning more about why GP Landscape, Inc. has planted over 20,000 Flower Carpet roses over the years, please check out their website and give them a call!


Click here to read more about GP Landscape’s use of Flower Carpet roses at Rocklin Crossing/Rocklin Commons shopping complex.





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