Festival™ Cordyline

Compact yet bold, Festival™ cordylines are easy to grow and are a real show stopper once established, both in the garden or in landscapes.


Suggested Uses

  • Makes a stunning, easy-care container plant
  • Great as a border plant
  • In mass commercial plantings
  • Bring indoors over winter as a houseplant


Planting Information

  • Growth habit: basal branching, forming multiple short stems spreading out from the base of the plant to create a sturdy low-growing grass plant
  • Spacing: plant 24 -36 inches apart (90 cm)
  • Mature size: grows to 3 ft high and 3 ft wide (1m x 1m) with a basal clump of 18 inches(45 cm). Cascading effect reduces overall height.
  • Hardiness: USDA Zone 8-11; will tolerate light frost to 90°F (30°C)
  • Light needs:  full sun to partial shade
  • Soil requirements: performs well in a range of soil types, but prefers well-drained soil containing organic matter.
  • Water needs: Low to moderate water requirement once established. Water thoroughly when planting during hot weather and continue until established.
  • Disease tolerance: no major disease susceptibility.
  • Container planting:  if used as a container plant, select a pot that’s at least 18-20 inches (38-45cm) wide.  Plant deeper than you normally would plant a container plant.
  • Care: very low maintenance; remove old leaves as needed


Key Features

  • Clump forming dwarf habit
  • Lush strap-like foliage give fountain-like effect
  • Low maintenance and easy care
  • Branches from base with no stems (unlike most cordylines)
  • Small star-shaped lightly fragrant blossoms in late spring
  • Can be brought indoors as a well-behaved, slow growing houseplant


Varieties Available

Festival Burgundy (rich shiny burgundy foliage)
Festival Raspberry (deep burgundy foliage with bright raspberry edge)
Festival Lime (bright lime green foliage)

Download a print-friendly plant fact sheet PDF here: Festival™ Cordyline 4MB
Download a print-friendly plant photo gallery PDF here: Festival™ Cordyline 7MB

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