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Grower’s Advice – A great plant for your next project!

Nicholas Staddon, Plantsman for Village Nurseries, has over 30 years of plant experience.  Working with professional plant breeders, hybridizers, and explorers, he scoured the globe for new discoveries in the plant world. He has long been a sought-out resource and guest for television and radio gardening shows across the U.S., and also worked closely with […]

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Welcoming Pathway Ideas

A stone or brick pathway softened with the right plants is a great way to welcome both customers and friends.  Easy care plants – ones that look great even when not in bloom or in their prime – are the perfect choice, eliminating the constant need for upkeep. When it comes to selecting attractive but […]

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Coprosma Pacific™ Sunset in municipal planting

High-Style Low-Maintenance Municipal Planters

In Melbourne, Australia municipal planters are filled with color . . . but not from flowers!   These massive street plantings contain a simple combination of majesty palms as “thrillers” combined with bright green sedges, pink-burgundy heuchera, phormium ‘Yellow Wave’, chartreuse sedum, and coprosma ‘Pacific™ Sunset’ with its  glossy variegated foliage.  The varying heights add interest, […]

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High Impact with Low Maintenance

If you or your clients are looking for a landscape plant that’s low maintenance but provides high impact and loads of color, consider using Flower Carpet roses. For over 20 years they’ve been used successfully in landscape installations from Maine to California with consistently dependable results. The same has been true in the UK, Australia […]

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Manageable Maintenance

Creating landscape designs that are easy to manage and maintain is becoming a crucial component of many designs, large and small. Homeowners want to spend time relaxing in their outdoor living area or enjoying a pool or fireplace area. They don’t want to spend time (or money) keeping their landscape in tip-top shape. More and […]

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Creating Eco-friendly Perennial Borders

Well-designed borders can be a spectacular feature in any landscape. By selecting plants that take a minimal amount of care and chemicals to thrive, it’s easy to create an eco-friendly border. As a bonus, depending on the plant selection, a well-planned perennial bed can also be a magnet for butterflies, beneficial insects and birds. Corner […]

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Layering to Create a Lush Landscape

When plants grow in nature, they grow in layers and drifts, overlapping and merging with each other. Good landscape designs are also three dimensional, and strategically placing plants of varying sizes, colors and textures can help to connect all the layers and create a great overall look. Well-placed plants can be used to frame views, […]

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Poolside Landscaping Ideas With Roses

Selecting plants for poolside installations can be a challenge. From a practical standpoint, you want plants that are easy-care and won’t end up filling your pool with pollen, leaves or other plant litter. Depending on your local zoning laws, you may be required to have a fence around your pool. If that’s the case and […]

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Commercial Landscaping With Oversized Planters

  Even homes and buildings with a limited amount of outdoor space can add impact by using large containers of well-selected plants. Start by choosing a variety of sculptural plants with strong shapes to draw attention and use the classic “thriller, spiller, filler formula in selecting plants for maximum impact. For instance, these entry-way containers, […]

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