A Shopping Mall Filled with Roses

When GP Landscape, Inc. based in Sacramento, CA was selected to handle the landscape installation for the new Rocklin Crossings / Rocklin Commons Shopping Mall in Rocklin, CA, Flower Carpet Red was one of their primary “go to” plant selections.

Designed by RSC Engineering, Inc. this extensive shopping complex included plenty of green space that had to be filled.  Low maintenance, drought-tolerant Flower Carpet Red was selected to add a bright pop of color to the pale blue fescue and a variety of other shrubs and small trees planted throughout the dual properties.

Tyler Dance at GP Landscape, Inc. tell us, “the reason the Flower Carpet Rose was selected for these plantings was because of the amazing colorful flowers they produce from spring to early winter and the minimal amount of maintenance they require.”

Here are a few photos, but stay tuned for additional photo as the landscape matures!


Flower Carpet in landscape

Newly open Rocklin Crossings/Rocklin Commons shopping complex in California.   There’s plenty of green space here!     Photo courtesy of RCS Engineering.


Drought-tolerant Flower Carpet rose in landscape

Flower Carpet Red as border plant in Rocklin CRossing landscape installation. Photo courtesy of RSC Engineering.


Drought tolerant roses

Drought-tolerant Flower Carpet Red as part of the landscape installation at Rocklin Commons.


Drought tolernant roses

Low-maintenance Flower Carpet Red brightens roadways along Rocklin Crossing/Rocklin Commons shopping plazas.


drought tolerant roses

Flower Carpet roses just bloom and bloom, even when confronted with high radiant heat and dry soil.





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